Game Description : 

Hungry Dragon is (as the name proposes) a variant of the fantastic Hungry Shark...but with a dragon as your heroes. Your target will be to eat everything that moves inside the setting and get the most ideal score. Be careful with the foes that are greater than you however!
The controls in Hungry Dragon are for all intents and purposes indistinguishable from the ones you've seen in Hungry Shark: on the correct side of the screen you'll see the virtual development stick and to one side you'll see the second virtual stick that lets you fly much quicker.

At the point when you begin playing you'll just have one dragon accessible to you yet as you advance and play you'll begin picking up understanding. You would then be able to open more and greater dragons. The greater they are, the greater your supplicate as well. Additionally, when your dragon is greater you can open new regions that you can't access as a little individual.

Hungry Dragon is a 3D arcade with a straightforward methodology that is as basic as it is enjoyable. It offers magnificent visuals and a huge amount of substance that you can open. Altogether, there are in excess of twelve unique dragons and different pets that you can use to threaten the world.  

Requirements :

Android 4.0 or greater is required

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