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Game Description :

 Score! Hero is a soccer match where, instead of controlling a whole group, you can control a solitary player. Additionally, as opposed to playing the whole game, you just play various key games in each game. 

In certain matches you may be a few objectives behind and need to attempt to get up to speed, while in others you may need to attempt to score the triumphant objective in the last moment of the game. The thought is that you generally take an interest in the key snapshots of each game, either by scoring or passing.

A fascinating subtlety with regards to Score! Hero is that the game is sorted out into a progression of levels which are, thusly, isolated into seasons. In each level you can get one to three stars. In certain levels you should score an objective toward the edge of the camps so as to get three stars, while in others you may need to score an objective from a separation of twenty meters.

 The game is rather common for the genre: slide your finger across the screen to trace the path of the ball. This way you can add spin to the ball and also make heads and other shots.
Score! Hero is a very entertaining soccer game with excellent graphics. It offers a different playing experience from other soccer games. In addition, the game has tons of customization options for your player.

Required conditions :

Requires Android 4.0 or later







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