Tesla Force PC Game Cracked Free Download in Direct Link With science as your super force, energize your curls and zap enthusiastically! Tesla Force is a rebel light top-down shooter including interminable interaction.

Game Descreption :

 The grandiose horrors are arousing. It's an ideal opportunity to call upon the saints of science and eldritch information to shield humanity from an ambush from the external spans of the real world!
Look over four splendid legends of recondite information: Tesla, Lovecraft, Curie or Shelley!
Use a variety of logical weapons, contraptions, advantages, and powerups to push humankind to victory over the astronomical horrors. Play again and again: Procedurally created levels offer interminable new interactivity. No two runs are ever the equivalent! Pick your own way through the adulterated terrains, and bear the duties of your decisions. The world is procedurally produced offering a one of a kind experience every single time! 

Key Fetures:

- Endlessly replayable rogue-lite

- Randomly generated levels

- Wild array of devastating weapons

- Intense top-down shooting action

- Large selection of perks to customize your hero

- Over a dozen unique abominations to destroy

- Play as Tesla, Curie, Lovecraft or Shelley!





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