Cluvens says on its website, “This villainous Scorpion can transform!”

for a vivid gaming experience.

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Description :

The name of this chair is Cluvens IW-SK zero-gravity ESPORTS gaming chair. 

 Scorpion gaming chair by Cluvens weighs 120 Kgs. 1.5 meters long and 2 meters tall

 Cluvens Scorpion Gaming chair is widely known for its ability to transform, really very comfortable and can recline up to a degree of 170, The chair has many features, including support for an ultra-wide monitor.

It can provide support to a large ultra-wide 49-inch monitor as mentioned above. Additionally, two more 27-inch monitors can be used. It comes with HDMI/DP cables to connect all these monitors. The weight is 265 pounds, the length is 65 inches, and when fully extended it gets to 82 inches tall. So one will need a large space to put it comfortably.

Power Voltage: 100V/240V

Output: 100--300 Watts

Dimensions (extend): Length: 65"(165 cm) x Width: 47.25"(108 cm) x Height: 82"(208 cm)

Dimensions (extracted): Length: 65"(165 cm) x Width: 30"(77 cm) x Height:53"(135 cm)

Frame Material: High-carbon steel with black sand texture powder coated paint, Support for 21-29" triple screen monitors with VESA international standards.

Seat Material: PU Support for 19-49 inch single screen monitor or curved screen

Weight Limit: 276 lbs max.(124 kg)

Net Weight: 265 lbs(120kg)

Power system: 6 high thrust linear electric cylinders

Lighting system: 100w 16 colour LED strips

Cluvens Scorpion Chair Features : 

- Adjustable sitting and lying posture - Ultra-high comfort computer operation
- Full electric adjustment of the screen arm - Fully electronically adjustable seat
- Fully electronically adjustable Scorpion legs.

Price : 

The Cluvens scorpion gaming chair and entire workstation for $1,899.00

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