Killabee is one of the oldest and most established brand of gaming chairs. In this review we are interested in the best models of Killabee gaming chairs 


Presentation of the Killabee brand

Started in 2001 as an office chair manufacturer in Zhejiang, China. In 2013, members of their gaming team began to suffer from back pain after heavy gaming sessions.

Sensing an opportunity, their team began developing gaming chair prototypes. In 2014, Killabee released the 9015 Gaming Chair with Footrest. This model put Killabee on the map. Since then, Killabee has developed a diverse line of affordable gaming chairs.

 Killabee 9015:  

 The Killabee 9015 is a gaming chair with footrest. This is the original and bestselling gaming chair from Killabee. It's an inexpensive chair with a retractable footrest and standard features. These include a 175 ° recline, padded armrests and high density foam padding.

In 2019, Killabee renovated the Killabee 9015 with three upgrades. First, the backrest wings now have a more prominent outward curve. This provides better shoulder support, which reduces neck strain. Second, the improved soft stretch lumbar cushions are now taller and more streamlined. This ensures that the cushion supports the arch of the foot in the spine when seated.

The third big upgrade is a thicker layer of high density sponge padding. This provides improved cushioning and support.

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Product details:

The Killabee 9015 has basic functionality. A very comfortable retractable footrest.

- Standout features: retractable footrest, extra thick padding

- Functionality: fixed armrests; recline to 175°


The 9015 model is a small chair that should suit most slim bodies of moderate height.

- Seat width & depth: 21.3″ (W) x 20.1″ (D)

- Backrest height & width: 21.3″ (W) x 31.9″ (H)

- Floor to seat range: 16.5″ to 19.3″

- Chair height: 48.4″ to 51.2″

- Size rating: people 5’6″ to 5’9″; up to 250 pounds

 The Killabee 9015 model offers excellent value for money. What is missing are the adjustable armrests. For this
chair Killabee gives great importance to durability and mobility. The metal frame is secure and durable. The chair swivels 360 °, while the backrest can tilt 175 °. You can adjust the seat height from 16.5 "to 19.3".

Everything is there to make sure you are sitting in the right position. High density foam gives you more support than cheaper chairs. In addition, the chair is made of premium PU leather. This makes it less likely to smell than fabric chairs and easier to clean. 

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  Killabee 8204:

Model 9015 is Killabbee's best-selling gaming chair with footrest. The Killabee 8204 is the upgraded version of this chair.

The 9015 model has some limitations. These included fixed armrests and a lack of neck pillow. The Model 8204 addresses these shortcomings and in a larger package.

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Product details: 

The 8024 model is a wide and versatile chair. This upgraded model will fit most mid to large sizes.

Key features include 1D armrests, 155 ° recline, and a retractable-style footrest. There is also a padded USB massage unit inside the lumbar support pillow.

Standout Features: Retractable Footrest; lumbar massage unit; support up to 350 lbs.

Functionality: 1D armrests; tilt 155 °.


 This chair is very suitable for players who have thick legs or wide.

- Seat width & depth: 22.4″ (W) x 21.7″ (D)

- Backrest height & width: 22.4″ (W) x 32.7″ (H)

- Chair height: 49.6″ to 52.8″

- Size rating: people 5’6″ to 5’9″; up to 250 pounds



The Killabee 8204 is a perfect sized gaming chair for a casual home office. The relaxed look comes from the retractable footrest. Without the footrest it's a sturdy gaming chair.

With the footrest, it is very versatile. You can play games, watch videos, and even take a nap.

This chair has a solid construction, nice upholstery and a decent feel. Considering its characteristics and performance, it offers excellent value for money.

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 Killabee 8257:

The 8257 Footstool Gaming Chair is a spacious, large reclining chair with a 400-pound support. Unlike the desk-style Killabee chairs, this model has fixed armrests. These work well when you are lounging in the living room, but not as well as when you are in the office. 

 This is a reclining chair designed for casual relaxation. Works like an office chair, but works best as a living room chair. Flip up the footrest and use it as a recliner chair for occasional gaming, watching movies, and even taking a nap.

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 Product details: 

- Standout features: retractable footrest; lumbar massage unit; support for up to 400 pounds.
- Functionality: fixed armrests; deep recline to 175°.


This is an ultra-sturdy chair with extra wide pieces and dimensions large enough for most tall and fat users. One problem is the height of the seat - a lower adjustment would make a great living room recliner.

- Seat width x depth: 20.5″ (W) x 20.9″ (D)

- Backrest width x height 23.2″ (W) x 33.5″ (H)

- Floor to seat range: 19.7″ to 21.7″

- Chair height: 51.2″ to 53.5″

- Size rating: people 5’8″ to 6’2″; up to 400 pounds

the Killabee 8257 is not a strict office chair, but a gaming or desk chair in the living room. The 8257 chair is spacious, versatile, sturdy and very comfortable.
If you are a gamer looking for a spacious and comfortable living room as an alternative to your sofa. For more intense games, place this chair upright and bring it closer to the screen. For casual sports or racing games, get back into the recliner and turn on the lumbar massage unit.

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The Killabee 8247 supports up to 400 pounds and is suitable for heights between 5 "8" and 6 "4". A great chair for most sizes.

This is a premium gaming chair made by a low budget supplier. This means you get luxury features for less than $ 300. There are a few little touches that stand out. First, concave 4D armrests for better support. Second, there are gel foam additions to the seat and lumbar pad. Besides, it also comes with high quality PU leather in an attractive two-tone style. 

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 Product details:

This is a gorgeous chair complete with premium features and spacious dimensions: 

- Standout features: big and tall support for up to 400 pounds.

- Functionality: 4D armrests; recline to 155°.

- Extra: gel inserts in lumbar pillow.


The 8247 is among the largest chairs in the Killabee collection. It is lower than other models, which makes it a good option for living rooms and offices.

- Seat width & depth: 22″ (W) x 22″ (D)

- Backrest height & width: 24.8″ (W) x 32.3″ (H)

- Floor to seat range: 18.1″ to 20.5″

- Chair height: 48.4″ to 50.8″

- Size rating: people 5’8″ to 6’4″; up to 440 pounds

The Killabee 8247 is a high end luxury chair at a low price. Plus, it has a versatile size, capable of supporting up to 400 pounds. This is the most expensive chair in the Killabee product line and one of their best.

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