PES 2021 - Pro Evolution Soccer is the mobile Android Game adaptation of the famous Konami soccer game

 One more year, the battle between the football simulators is served. In the rankings, FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer are still vying for the top spot, and although simply due to a licensing issue Konami's game struggles to be considered a 100% winner, the reality is that, year after year it gets better. And better.

PES 2021 - Pro Evolution Soccer arrives with FOX Engine, the best graphics engine Konami has to achieve the level of detail in its graphics last year that was already spectacular. The animations, movement physics and personalized skills of each player will amaze the most skeptical player.

 New in PES 2021:

To continue surfing in a market with as much competition as that of realistic football video games, it is not enough to renew models and competitions, it is necessary to know how to renew yourself year after year and include new options that can attract the market. attention from as many players as possible. This time, Konami has opted for the following:

It strives to become the most immersive competitive soccer simulator ever created in both its local and online play mode. To achieve this, you need exceptional artificial intelligence and comfortable and realistic handling of the game.

It includes licenses from the best European clubs: FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, FC Bayern München, Juventus and a new exclusive partner, AS Roma.

The player can play Pro in local mode against a friend next to him and not just in classic multiplayer mode.

 Konami increasingly includes limited-time competitive events that capture the attention and interest of its players.

The 'Stellar Moment Series' has new superstars from the past and present to relive the best moments of their careers.

In addition to the playable and exclusive legends already included in PES 2020 (Beckham, Totti, Maradona, Batistuta and Kahn), Fernando Torres and K. Rummenigge are added.

The so-called Finesse Dribble continues: a dynamic dribbling technique created thanks to the recommendations of none other than Andrés Iniesta.

Match Day mode is available in the mobile version of  PES. In this mode, Konami chooses an important match or derby each week and players can decide which team they want to represent to play it.

Players who play in the games during the weekend will appear as star players in the game and have improved stats and even additional skills.

If at the moment no PES or Dream League Soccer has managed to get you out of FIFA, this new PES 2021 might surprise you. Download the APK for Android and try out Konami's Star Game.


Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0. 



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