In Among Us for Android smartphones we will be part of the crew of a spaceship that includes a saboteur. Our mission is to find him before he destroys us.

 Game Description:

Among Us is a multiplayer sci-fi adventure that takes place inside a huge spaceship where there's an imposter amongst the crew members. Our mission, as well as that of the rest of the players, is to find out who it is.

Discover the saboteur amongst the spaceship crew members.
To identify him, we'll have to complete different tasks before our interstellar journey in our spacecraft. The latter will help us to find out how the possible traitor is who is killing other crew members and carrying out sabotage action. In fact, the best option will be to avoid contact with the rest of the players as any single one of them could be the saboteur.

Our character we'll be controlled by means of a joystick that we can use to move him inside the spaceship. For such purpose, we can make use of the map that will show us the location of the different areas where we can carry out our tasks. In turn, we'll hold meetings with other crew members to vote who we believe are the saboteurs. 


Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.

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